4 Simple Mediation Skills That Teach Kindness


girlIt seems like the kids just finished their last day of school and yet the first day of school is right around the corner! Every parent wants their child to start the school year off with strong confidence in their ability to learn, make friends and have a successful school year. However, when you throw in a few different variables such as starting a new school, transitioning from elementary school to middle school, or a parent on deployment you add additional ingredients that can make an already challenging school year seem unbearable. Let’s be honest, being a kid can be hard!

Your child’s self-confidence is directly correlated to how they handle challenges that they may encounter. Learning peer mediation skills can boost your child’s self-confidence. It can help them learn more about themselves, increase their understanding of others and how being kind can help them be a friend and to draw friends to them.  You can help your child practice simple mediation practices by reminding them to think before speaking, choose their words choice wisely, listening with their eyes and ears and learning from past mistakes.
4 Simple Ways to Teach Your Kids Mediation Skills
Think before reacting. Sometimes, it seems second nature for kids to react to situations before thinking, but kids can learn to think about what others may be feeling before they respond.
Use wise word choices. It can be challenging to find the words to say in certain situations and it is even more difficult when you disagree with someone. Kids can learn to sample words in their minds, before communicating them to others and test how they would feel if they were the recipient of the words.
Compassionate listening. Non-verbal communication relays much of how we feel. Teaching kids to listen and understand with eyes and ears open helps them to learn how to “listen” to body language and facial expressions.
Speak with actions. We have all heard, “Actions speak louder than words.” Helping kids to understand what they do has more impact than what they say. Doing something kind for a classmate or friend will be more impactful than words.
Learn from mistakes. Our kids are continuously learning and growing. When they make mistakes, helping them reflect on their experiences and learn better ways of coping and communicating will help them make better choices in the future.

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