Overwhelmed is a State of Mind Not a State of Being

Have you ever thought?businesswomenoverwhelmed-19156_960_720

  • My workload is so heavy I don’t even know where to start!
  • How do I just pick one thing to start when I have so many good ideas?
  • I am so confused, how do I even create a schedule to get things done?
  • My spouse is deployed and everything is crazy!
  • I am a single parent and an entrepreneur, my plate is overloaded!

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, take solace in the fact that you are not alone. Many women entrepreneurs find themselves feeling overwhelmed, overloaded, confused, or that their life is just plain chaotic. There is hope in the fact that these are just feelings and feelings are transient.

Fleeting Feelings

Over the course of the day, we experience a vast array of emotions and they affect how we feel about everything in our life. We may feel delighted that we shipped our very first order, proud that we finished the last thing on our check-off list, or excited that our partner is coming home after a long deployment. However, once we ship that first order we might feel panic that we will not get another order or that the customer may not like our product. After finishing the check-off list we may began to feel anxiety because we have to start another. Once our partner is home after the deployment, we may began to feel nervous about reconnecting as a family.  The key is to recognize that being overwhelmed is just a feeling that will disappear when can connect that feeling to an actual thought we are having about ourselves.

Getting Real With Yourself

You are in charge of how you react to your emotions. You have the ability to find ways to solve the issues that create your feelings of being overwhelmed, but first you have to be honest with yourself about where the feeling is actually stemming from. Are you feeling overwhelmed because have difficulty prioritizing multiple task and you are not sure which task to enter into your planner first that would make your goals achievable and your day more productive? Are you feeling overwhelmed because you have difficulty saying “NO” to request that are made of you even though they do not support your vision or align with your core beliefs? Do you have doubt in yourself, service or product and because of this, you fall prey to the “imposter syndrome” and feel that you are a fake and everyone else will think that you are a fake and so you procrastinate or try to stay under the radar?

You Are a Queen Bee Take Charge

Once you figure out where your feelings of being overwhelmed are coming from, you can work to change it. You are a Queen Bee and you have the power to change what is creating negative feelings in your life. You can start today by:

  1. Taking and inventory of your feelings, acknowledging they are just feelings, creating two list.
  2. On the first list write down your negative feelings and where they are coming from. This requires true self-reflection and self-honesty.
  3. On the second list write down things you can actively do to combat the items on the negative feelings list. Only write down things you are willing to commit to doing. If you don’t work, the list won’t work.
  4. Tear up the negative feeling list. Let the items on the list go, because they are not you. They are just feelings!
  5. Use the proactive list to start changing your day and your world!