I Choose Happiness: 10 Ways to Choose Happiness Everyday

BY BENITA THORNHILL, MA, LPCA, LCAS-R                                                   March 3, 2017

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heart-583895__340What’s for breakfast? What’s for lunch? What’s for dinner?  These are simple decisions that require a choice.

Every day we choose the food that we will eat and the clothes that we will wear. In much the same way we choose our mood. Although it may be easier on our ego to say, “They made me angry”, or “It made me sad”, we choose how we will respond to the people and situations in our lives.  Embracing the fact that we choose our mood everyday gives every individual the power of creation. We have the magnificent power to create the sphere we function in and to create the environment that surrounds us, simply by choosing it.

10 Ways to Choose Happiness:

  1. Approach each day with a feeling of great expectation.  Expect the best from yourself, regardless of what others do.
  2. Don’t procrastinate. Procrastination clouds your mind with what you have accomplished yet, and has the propensity to make you feel as if you have too much to accomplish at one time
  3. Don’t compare yourself to others. Everyone has their own unique challenges and strengths. Don’t measure your challenges against their strengths. The best measuring stick for your progress is yourself.
  4. Choose to create business networks with individuals who are positive and believe in helping others succeed.  Stay away from the “crab in the barrel” mentality!
  5. Make is a priority to schedule time to do what you love. Go dancing, watch the sunrise, watch a movie, or read a good book! Enjoy the life you are living.
  6. Know when to let go, release, and clear your mind. Don’t hold an event in your thought, hit the delete button, and push the empty trash icon in your mind!
  7. Guard your mind. Beware of self-talk and don’t allow negative conversations in your head sabotage your best efforts! Be kind to yourself. Don’t be your own worst critic!
  8. Don’t trespass in the world of “would’ve”, “should’ve”, “ought to”, “never”, “could’ve”, and “always”. These words create personal setbacks.  Use setup phrases like, “I am”, “I can”, and “I will”!
  9. Express gratitude. Showing genuine appreciation allows you to see the great magnificence in even the smallest of things.
  10. Dare to dream. Know you are worthy of accomplishing your greatest dream! Daydreams are the first place we began to recreate our reality!
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*Originally posted in Elements of Change Counseling Center Blog.