It’s Not Your Usual Martial Arts Facility

BY BENITA THORNHILL, MA, LPCA, LCAS-R         March 1, 2017          Combat Club Martial Arts and Fitness

boxingObesity is a serious problem. It can lead to  poor physical health and  contribute to problems with self-image, self-esteem and the overall quality of life. I decided to think outside the box to see how martial arts could help individuals live healthier lives. Sometimes, if you think outside of the box, you learn something new. This is excactly what happened when I visited  Combat Club Martial Arts and Fitness; it is NOT  your typical martial arts facility!

Last week, I sat down to talk with the Chico and Brad, owners of Combat Club Martial Arts and Fitness. Seven years ago, Chico and Brand where training in their garage. They needed a professional facility to train in. This need sparked a vision of a martial arts and fitness club that would be like no other.

Chico and Brad built their facility from the ground up, with one major focus: Creating a gym where families could train and work out together. Their motto, “A family that trains together, stays together.” The pair have done exactly what they started out to do and as a result, Combat Club Martial Arts and Fitness is not your usual martial arts facility.  Their goal, “Create a family atmosphere, where kids can learn and train and then afterwards, hangout with their friends while their parents train or workout. We wanted an atmosphere that was fun for everyone and no one would feel intimated.” The facility offers programs for every member of the family, from kids to grandparents. Participants say, they have made great friends with other members and it feels like everyone is one big family. On the night I visited, every age group was represented, working out, and engaging with each other.

During our conversation, I asked Brad and Chico to weigh in on their thoughts about how martial arts and boxing could help children who were experiencing weight or self-esteem issues. Their response, “The very nature of martial arts or boxing requires  you  to move your body. Our programs are created to keep kids moving, active and having fun. When kids are active on a regular basis they are able to maintain a healthy weight. Our program also helps kids learn how to set goals and achieve them, because they have to work for and earn their belts. That feeling of accomplishment can really give kids a positive boost about themselves.”

Needless to say, they shared many stories about themselves and other adults who became fit, reduced stress, or maintain their fitness through the total body workouts they participate in at Combat Club Martial Arts and Fitness. I was surprised to find out that with all the programs going on at the facility, all the trainers are award winning professionals who still compete professionally. The owners’ reasoning, “You have to practice what you preach and put your money where your mouth is!” Currently, the trainers are looking forward to attending and participating in the “Superbowl” of marital arts. Whoever knew that existed?

If you would like to learn more about Combat Club Martial Arts and Fitness listen to their podcast interview by clicking here!